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FAQ at Our Studio

How do I book an appointment?

Before you do anything, you need the 411 on how we work, to be sure that we're a good fit. Please visit our S2R 101 and SALON POLICIES, then scroll down for directions on booking your reservation. You’ll be glad you did.

I’ve never been to S2R Hair Studio before. Do I have to book a Initial Consultation service?

Yes. The Initial Consultation is our introductory service for ALL new guests of any length and texture. If you book something other than the Initial Consultation , you will be charged accordingly.

I haven't been to the S2R Hair Studio a few months… Why am I being booked as a NEW Initial Consultation ?

Welcome Back! If it’s been more than 90 days since your last visit, we're pretty much starting over, as it relates to maintenance. We’ll need to get re-acquainted with your hair, and re-assess your treatment regimen. Therefore, you'll be served (and charged) as a "WELCOME BACK!

What’s the difference between the NEW Initial Consultation service and the other services?

Time and Labor. We don’t cut corners. We want to give you plenty of time to have you questions and render our best work. This keeps you from feeling rushed, and keeps our schedule running on time.

Even if your hair has been well maintained by a previous stylist, it is our policy to familiarize ourselves with you & your hair in order to determine our best method of service in the future.

Do you accept walk-ins?

We don’t take walk-ins, however, we do book same-day appointments. Go to our online booking portal, or call 214-620-5708 before 12pm to check for available openings.

Why am I being asked for a credit card number or a deposit?

Untimely cancellations and no-shows are costly. Your credit card number (or deposit in some cases) serves as security, just as it would for a hotel or rental car reservation. Charges to your card are easily avoided by honoring our CANCELLATION POLICY.

Can I bring my own products for you to use during my visit?


Looking and feeling good is achieved with personalized and professional attention to both hair and skin. S2R Hair Studio LLC is committed to providing qualified esthetician services in a comfortable, clean and relaxed setting at our salon. All of our beauty services are customized according to the individual needs of our clients by a team of experienced and licensed estheticians who offer expertise and practical advice for looking your best. Here are some of the questions that we often receive from our clients:

What Should I Expect at my Facial Consultation?

S2R Hair Studio LLC beauty technicians take all of your unique aspects into account including skin type (oily, dry, sensitive, mature) and recommend the most suitable treatments for optimal face care. We may recommend:

Express Facial

Get a quick lift with a basic treatment for people on the go to revive skin and freshen up the appearance.

Hydrating Facial

Prepared by our licensed estheticians, hydrating facials offer a boost to natural moisture that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Consult with our professional staff for a complete list of available facial treatments. Pamper your skin with a range of skin treatments customized to your skin type.

What is Electrolysis?

Electrolysis is permanent hair removal provided by licensed estheticians from our fully equipped salon. Safe and gentle for all types of skin, S2R Hair Studio LLC removes unwanted hair from any area of the body at reasonable rates.

Why Should I Wax Instead of Shave?

A convenient and affordable hair removal technique for any part of the body that leaves skin feeling smooth and refreshed, waxing is more effective and last longer than shaving. For smooth, soft skin minus the stubble and itch, regular treatments save time and money in the long run.

Do You Offer Eyelash Extensions?

Yes! Make the most of one of your features and achieve the dramatic and alluring look you’ve always wanted for a special occasion or a clean and fresh appearance every day. Whether you require a full set of lash extensions or partial enhancements, discuss your needs with a professionally trained and experienced S2R Hair Studio LLC esthetician.

Do You Offer Modern Salon Treatments?

Yes! Whatever your age or lifestyle, S2R Hair Studio LLC is dedicated to providing each of our clients with the most advanced techniques and top quality body and skin care products. From a fully equipped salon in our experienced staff continuously upgrade their skills within an ever changing beauty industry to offer the most advanced techniques and professional expertise.

Why Should I Choose S2R Hair Studio LLC?

Taking care of yourself is not a luxury but essential to your overall health. S2R Hair Studio LLC offers personalized services from professional staff who takes the time required to make you feel special and understand your particular needs. From the moment you walk through the door count on personalized and attentive service from our top beauty experts.

We Offer:

  • Personalized consultations
  • Highest standards of hygiene
  • Relaxed and welcoming environment
  • Qualified and attentive staff
  • Up-to-date equipment
  • High quality non-toxic products
  • Reasonable rates

Call for More Information

Call or visit to schedule an appointment to learn more about a range of esthetic services that are customized according to your hair and skin type, personal preferences and unique lifestyle.