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Sisterlocks™ FAQ

How long does my hair need to be to start Sisterlocks™?

In general, Sisterlocks™ can be started with 1 1/2 inches of natural unprocessed hair. Where shorter hair can be caught in a locking pattern, 1 1/2 inches will ensure the first stages of locking will be easier to manage during your home care.

Do I need to cut my relaxed hair?

No, you don't have to cut your hair. Sisterlocks™ can be started with your relaxed length left untouched as long as you have 1 1/2 inches of natural hair at the root. As your hair grows, and is set into a locked pattern, your relaxed hair will be trimmed away.

How long will it take to start my Sisterlocks™?

In an ideal situation, your "Initial Locking Session" will take about 15 hours. Your hair length, density, and head size determine the actual amount of time it will take to start your Sisterlocks™. A better time frame will be given at your consultation.

Are Sisterlocks™ extensions, or can I add extensions?

No, Sisterlocks™ uses your natural hair. Without extensions, your hair is free of the extra weight that puts tension on the roots. Over time this sort of tension can lead to permanent hair loss. Without extensions, your natural hair is free to grow to its fullest potential, so don't let the idea of short hair for a short period of time rob you of years of freely growing, healthy, manageable hair.

What should I expect from a Certified Sisterlock™ Consultant?

You should expect to receive your Initial Consultation, Locking Session, First Follow-Up visit, and Customer Starter Kit as a package. Expect to be educated during your Initial Consultation, and test locks set in. Your consultant should give you an idea of what to expect as your locks mature, then be available to celebrate every phase of your development. Expect a caring and knowledgeable professional.

Is my hair type right for Sisterlocks™?

All hair with a curl or wave pattern is the right type for Sisterlocks™. Sisterlocks™ has developed several "locking patterns", one of which is just right for your hair type.

Are Sisterlocks™ permanent?

During the first 6 months of development, Sisterlocks™ can be removed. Removal will likely take more time, and be more costly than your Initial Locking Session. Most Consultants will not lock your hair if removal is a great concern. You should be sure that the Sisterlocks™ method is right for you.

How do Sisterlocks™ differ from other locks?

Where Sisterlocks™ are true locks (a matting of African, kinky, tightly curled, nappy hair), they differ from "dread locks, dreads, or traditional" in the technique used to form them. The Sisterlocks™ method uses a precise parting grid, and a tool to produce small easily styled locks. Sisterlocks™ does not use any waxes, gels, creams or hair extensions, so everything that can add weight, stress, or hamper your hair growth is removed.

Are Sisterlocks™ expensive?

Some people will say that Sisterlocks™ are expensive, and claim to have found a less expensive copy cat lock that "look just as good". Be aware, many ladies who have tried the less expensive copy cats, end up removing them and replacing them with Sisterlocks™ by a Certified Consultant, or in a place of long term dissatisfaction. You may save a couple of dollars in the beginning, but what will you loose in the end?

Will you have to cut off the copy cat locks and start over?

Will you have to seek out a Certified Sisterlocks™ Consultant for costly, time consuming repairs which may never correct the copy cats? The list of Step Sista drama can go on. Don't settle, pay the few extra dollars and get a qualified Sisterlock™ Consultant to start your locks out on the right path. After all, Sisterlocks™ set the standard for locks, and the rest are just trying to catch up.

What to Expect during maintenance (Re-tightening) visits:

In their early stages, you should expect your consultant to troubleshoot your locks as potential issues arise. Most of the time, these issues are merely a part of lock development, however, if not corrected they can lead to weak, breaking or misshaped locks. This type of troubleshooting is routine and should be a part of your maintenance sessions including establishing new locks on an emerging hairline.

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