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Sisterlocks™ Packages


All new clients require advance Non-Refundable payment for consultations.

Total cost for this service will be $75

The consultation is composed of three phases

  • 1. Information gathering
  • 2. Information sharing/material distribution
  • 3. 8-12 Sample locs

Consultation -Please arrive to consultation with your hair in its natural state, free of braids and /or products, and freshly shampooed. An analysis will be done on your hair, and you will receive several sample locs. We will discuss what to expect during the locking process, what is required for maintenance, and establish an installation price. After 1-2 two shampoos you will come back for an examination of the sample locks. This helps determine which size locks and locking pattern is best for your hair.

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to schedule your installation. This payment can be made via cash or credit card. The deposit and consultation fee will be applied to your balance.

The Locking Session (Installation) -Your Sisterlocks™ will be installed over a 1 -3 days period, typically about 12hours each day. (Amount of time/days may vary). Prior to the locking session, we ask that you thoroughly shampoo your hair using your normal shampoo(24 hours prior to installation). Do not blow dry, apply any oils, or conditioners. Bring movies, books, and lots of patience!!

Follow-up Session -Approximately 3-4 weeks after your Locking Session. The condition of your locks will be evaluated after the first shampoo, and you will receive a free re-tightening . Your future re-tightening schedule is 1x per month and your maintenance rate is based on the size of your Sisterlocks™. After six months or whenever your loss stabilize, you can register for a SELF RETIGHTENING class so you can maintain your hair independently. The cost is $250. You will receive materials and tools during the class.

AFTER CARE -Keep it simple -No excessive styling -No products -Shampoo Bi-weekly

-Do not spray with water daily -No plastic caps to sleep

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